Sudanese Refugee

Sudanese Refugee Has Tear-Jerking Reunion with Family After Four Years

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Sudan has been devastated by war for decades now, and no one has suffered more from the conflict than its people. Since the massive civil war broke, first-world nations have scrambled to help the Sudanese people by setting up refugee camps all over Africa. It is said that more than 3 million refugees have been left displaced as a result of the violence.

Among the alarmingly large number of Sudanese refugees is a man named Dyan and his family. After running away from their village torn apart by the military and rebels, the family found themselves separated from each other. Dyan had no means of locating his wife, Alik, and their children as the documents binding them in marriage were destroyed. But with the help of fate and a little intervention from above, the Sudanese refugee got reunited with his family years later.

Sudanese Refugee Reunites with Family After Four Years

While Dyan searched relentlessly for his missing family, his wife was on a plane to Forth Worth, Texas, that same year. To top off her fears, while jet-setting to an unfamiliar country, Alik was pregnant with her and Dylan’s third child. Meanwhile Dyan, clearly still unaware of his family’s whereabouts, was in the bottom of the resettlement list since he was listed as a single man.

Heartbroken and confused, Alik needed to gather all of her strength to survive in the United States. She eventually gave birth to a handsome young son who strongly resembled his father. Alik was not entirely alone in America, though, as two kindhearted women named Molly and Mary Claire were there to assist the single mother. They happened to be volunteers from a resettlement agency called Catholic Charities. The women formed an inseparable bond during their time together, and not long after they met, Molly and Mary Claire decided to aid Alik in her search for her missing husband.

Little did the women know, Dyan had been stuck in a refugee camp in Egypt for the past four years. He had not seen his now 8-year-old son since they were separated and is yet to meet his 3-year-old child in person.

Though the chances of a reunion were quite slim, Molly and Mary Claire continued to exert an extra amount of effort in locating Dyan. They spoke to social workers, immigration attorneys, and politicians to bring awareness to the case. After a number of closed doors, countless prayers, and inevitable moments of helplessness, not only were they able to find Dyan’s location, but they also managed to book a flight for him to Dallas.

Four years after war tore the family apart, love and kindness brought Dylan and his family back together. The Sudanese refugee boarded the Airbus 319 for a joyous reunion with his loved ones. Both Molly and Mary Claire were on hand for the beautiful celebration that took place at the Forth Worth Airport.

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