Surf Dog Ricochet ‘Paws It Forward’ By Surfing with Wounded Veterans

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When you’re sick, physically and emotionally, to whom do you turn? Your mommy? Your doctor? A friend? Maybe your lover. But the people you will read about in this article seek no help from one of them—they turn to a dog.

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Woman surfing with a dog

Meet Ricochet, the only surf dog in the planet who interacts and surfs with kids with special needs, persons with disabilities, injured warriors, and war veterans with post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) as an assistive aid. Ricochet helps others by “pawing it forward” and surfs with people to paint a smile on their faces.

Ricochet Surfing



This dog builds connection with the people she encounters, going intimate and deep with them in any way she knows. She does things to help raised funds and, according to her Web site, has raised $400,000 dollars now.


Ricochet has surfed with veterans and kids alike. She has also met a bunch of celebrities (pictures of him and Rob Machado and Good Morning America‘s Cameron Mathison are shown below) and has appeared on shows to share to people the good thing she does. Check out the videos below to know more about Ricochet.

Man surfing with Ricochet


Patrick Ivison, a teenage quadriplegic surfer, had his chance to go surfing with Ricochet. His experience proves the magic this surfer dog has cast to her friends. With the way Ricochet makes her friends happy and her cause for doing this, she will go a long way.

Patrick Ivison with Ricochet

Ricochet is the living proof that this world sets no rules for one to be a hero. In your own little way, you can make other people’s lives better, even for just a short time.

Many inspirational videos of Ricochet have been uploaded on the popular site YouTube.







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