Taylor Swift Songs Inspired Man to Lose 400 Pounds



Pop star Taylor Swift has done it again.


Known for showering her fans with all the love they deserve for supporting her, there is one particular story that seems to stand out. This is the story of 28 year old Ronnie Brower.

Brower who hails from Syracuse, New York made headlines after losing a total of 400 pounds while listening to Taylor Swift’s song. Formerly weighing about 675 pounds, Brower confessed that excessive drinking, eating and pill popping were the reasons he ballooned to such an enormous size.

When his doctor Jeff Jones told him that he wasn’t going to live past 35 years old or that he would be dead in ten years, he became determined to lose the excess weight.



His weight loss journey began when one Joe Bufano, one of his old teachers stepped in to help him. He had kept in touch with his former student after their high school graduation and slowly noticed how Brower began gaining weight year after year. His teacher credits Joe and his love for Taylor Swift’s music as the main motivation for his weight loss.

‘He told me in his darkest days…he would often listen to Taylor, and it was the messages in her music that kind of gave him some source of joy and happiness,’

Bufano shared in an interview with the Daily Dot.

“It kept him buying into life.”

Brower had initially listened to Tay Swift’s song right at home before finally hitting the gym to continue his weight loss. He challenged Brower that if he managed to lose over 200 pounds before June 3, he would take his former student to a Taylor Swift concert. From there, Brower, with the help of his former teacher, began to chronicle his astounding weight loss journey.



His incredible, life changing journey can be seen on his own Facebook account. Now, after two years, his hard work paid off and Brower lost a total of 425 pounds is has now flow to watch is his inspiration, namely Taylor Swift in concert. He even hopes to meet and greet Taylor Swift should the circumstances permit.


Take a look at the life changing journey that this man took.


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