Teacher Saves Students from Tornado

Hero Teacher Saves Students from Tornado, Then a Heartwarming Miracle Happens

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They say miracles happen when you least expect it. For Karen Marinelli, her miraculous story began on May 20, 2013. Marinelli is a first-grade teacher at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma. She was teaching her class that fateful afternoon when they heard the tornado sirens squealing.

The EF5 tornado was one of the most intense and destructive natural disasters to ever strike the humble town of Moore. As many as 25 people lost their lives that day, and around 350 reported injuries during the aftermath. Among those in the line of fire were Karen and her students. The school took a direct hit from the tornado, and it managed to rip the entire structure apart.

After Teacher Saves Students from Tornado, A Shocking Miracle Happens

Marinelli refused to leave any of her students behind. She remained in the hallways and used her body as a shield to protect 6-year-old students Liam, Damian, and Dacari. The situation went from bad to downright worse when a 2,000-pound car slammed into the brick wall next to Marinelli. The car tore the wall down, and it landed on top of the selfless teacher and the three kids.

Miraculously, both children came out of the accident completely unharmed. Karen, on her part, suffered several injuries including a broken back, fractured vertebrae, sprained, ankles, deep wounds, and separate ligaments. She had to spend the next three months confined to a wheelchair. But despite her injuries, Marinelli was just glad that she and her students survived the harrowing ordeal.

Karen Marinelli

A miracle in Moore, Oklahoma

The families of Liam, Damian, and Dacari were the first to lead a brigade in helping Marinelli recover. The whole community banded together to make sure the selfless teacher was rewarded for her heroic actions.

It did not take too long for donations to start pouring in. Strangers from all over the country were sending donations for Marinelli and her family. They were mostly essentials such as water supplies and food. But one box caught Marinelli’s eye in particular because it was filled with baby girl outfits.

Marinelli had been a mom of four boys since 2013, and the last thing she ever expected was to be pregnant again. But lo and behold, the package she received was a foretelling of what was to come. Not only did Marinelli find out that she was carrying a child a few days later, but an ultrasound would later reveal that it was a girl. The story has warmed hearts and everywhere, and it was certainly something Marinelli will hold dear to her heart forever.

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