This Teacher Says She Won’t Assign Homework If She Meets Lil’ Jon- Look Who Showed Up

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Jackier Kessler wouldn’t call herself a Lil Jon fan. It’s only when she listens to her Pandora while working out that she hears his songs. Besides that, she’s just any regular teacher.

But that was about to change after what happened lately.

For Kessler, it was simply nothing. It was just to look funny for her friends, but it turned out that she was to make some big news because of it.

During Lil Jon’s concert, the health and wellness instructor brought with her a big, pink sign that said, “I will not assign any more homework for the year if I meet Lil Jon.”

And met him, she did. In fact, Lil Jon posted their picture on Facebook and got more a hundred thousand likes for it and another 2.8 million views on Reddit. In addition, articles were written about it on MTV and ESPN!

Though the act was meant for fun, some were iffy of Kessler’s credibility as a teacher. Some say she is costing her students their education.

Some Reddit users doubt the woman is really a teacher, suggesting she may simply be a fan willing to do whatever it takes:

Others tried to think of ways the woman might have conned Lil Jon:

And one inspired Redditor believed the woman might ultimately teach her students some valuable life lessons with the help of Lil John:



But the truth was, Kessler had already assigned all her homeworks for the rest of the semester.


“They have two huge projects they’re working on, which are 30 percent of their grade. Aside from that and their final exam, they’ve already earned all their points,” she says. Definitely then, her students would still have to complete their assigned homeworks. They, in fact, love the attention they’re getting!

When asked whether Kessler will ever do another trick like what she did in Lil Jon’s concert, she says, “No, no, no, no. This is it.”

Watch this video of the interview with Jackie Kessler.


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