Teacher Shaves Off Her Hair to Prevent Bullying of Her Student

Teacher Shaves Off Her Hair to Prevent Bullying of Her Student

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Bullying can be very brutal, especially if done at school. This is exactly what happened to Matthew of Winlock Miller Elementary School. Every day, he had to deal with people, who kept on making fun of him, and he could no longer take it. Because of that, he never wanted to attend his classes, ever again.

Matthew Getting Bullied

All the bullying started when Matthew shaved his hair off. And then, students made fun of the bald spot on his head, causing him to become very furious and pained.

His teacher, Tori Nelson, knew about the situation. And, she wanted to put a stop to the bullying. She tried to convince the boy to go back to school, but this time, Matthew was already hesitant and scared.

Tori Nelson



She looked for other ways just to make the young boy feel welcomed. Since Matthew was bullied because of his head, she quickly thought of letting him shave her head as well, in exchange for his attendance.


Matthew agreed with Ms. Nelson’s offer. Now, he can attend his classes again without anyone teasing or bullying him because he has a great teacher, who has the same haircut.

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