Teacher Tattooed Student's Name

Teacher Tattooed Students’ Names on His Body for Great Cause


Everyone knows that a teacher’s job is never easy. But there is always that sense of fulfillment as you see your students go and live successful lives. As the saying goes, it takes a big heart to teach little minds.

Joshua Murray is a perfect example of an outstanding teacher. After graduating from college, he returned to his alma mater to work as a college prep instructor. Little did Joshua or his students know, they would be changing each other’s lives forever.

Teacher tattooed students' names on his body

Teacher Tattooed Students’ Names for a Heartwarming Reason

Murray has been teaching at Agua Fria High School in Avondale, Arizona, for three years. The now-25-year-old teacher has already taught several classes in the institution, but one batch in particular impacted him the most.

This class happened to be filled with talented and smart students. However, a lot of the kids could not afford to proceed to college. It is a sad yet common reality that many young and talented individuals face in the United States. Most teens have to give up their dream of going to college, letting their chance to get their dream jobs slip.

Murray continued to believe in the potential of each of his students. But he was also well aware that college would be a difficult option for many of them. Whether this is due to financial constraints or other circumstances, it certainly seemed like the future was bleak for this class.

The same can be said for one of Murray’s students, Gustavo Cervantes, who admitted in an interview that since no one in his family had gone to college, he probably would have to stop too.

Lucky for these children, Murray was not ready to give up on them so easily. He decided to come up with an extraordinary dare that he hoped would motivate his students to achieve their dreams of going to college.

“If you guys can all get at least $5,000 in scholarships apiece, I will get your names tattooed on my body,” Murray told all twenty-eight of his students. His statement created a profound impact toward them including Cervantes, who can now look forward to building the life he’s always wanted.

In the end, Murray stuck true to his words—the teacher tattooed students’ names on his body. He now has two rows of names etched on his skin forever. The students literally left their mark on Murray’s life, but the kindhearted teacher also made an everlasting impact on theirs.

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