Teen Meets Soldier Who Saved Her Life from Sadam Hussein 18 Years Ago

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Teenager Lava Barwari was reunited with the man who saved her life from the hands of former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein after her Kurdish family became a target of genocide.

The event happened over 18 years ago when Lava, who now resides in Gwinnett County, Georgia, with her mother, Awaz Barwari, was still living in Iraq. At that time, the Kurds, an ethnic group composing over 17 percent of the country’s population. Many of them were victims of mass attacks and suicide bombings, including Lava’s own family.

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Luckily, a hero soldier by the name of Greg Peppin saved her life.

Countless refugees were welcomed to America during the Iraqi war in 1996. But unfortunately for Lava, who was still 36 days old then, was not on the list illegible to leave to the US.

“I told the man I was not leaving without my baby. He said I could leave her with other family in Iraq or not leave Iraqi. So I said I wasn’t leaving,” Awaz said in an interview with Fox.

Lucky for the two, Peppin was stationed at the border and saw what happened.


Determined to save both mom and baby, he approached Lava’s mom and asked her what her baby’s name was. When she answered with the name Lava, he said, “That’s a beautiful name, but today, that’s not her name. Her name is Greg Peppin.”

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