Teen Meets Soldier Who Saved Her Life from Sadam Hussein 18 Years Ago

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Peppin’s statement caused some confusion, but the soldier explained to the mother what he was planning to do.


“I told them if the baby’s name was Greg, she could come with me under my passport,” he said.

So under the disguise of baby “Greg,” Lava quickly made it out of Iraq with Peppin. The mother and daughter later settled in the suburbs of Atlanta to start their life in the United States.

Peppin and the Barwari family never got to contact each other and lived equally separate lives. Lava went on to in Mill Creek High School, while Peppin became vice president of Boeing International.



“It was the first story I ever heard. She’s [her mother] always told me about the man who saved my life,” Lava told AJC.

The teen became more interested in tracking her hero down after getting inspired in her language class. When she finally did, she asked Peppin to show up in her graduation.


Peppin happily agreed and showed up. The two formally met and exchanged a heartwarming moment together. When Lava got on stage to accept her diploma ,the man who saved her was present for yet another milestone in her miraculous life.

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