Teen Refugee Flees Syria and Walks 500 km Carrying His Dog

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Most of us would only spend 10 to 30 minutes of walking around the park with our pets. We would sometimes play with them, but most of the time, we’ll just give them a nice and quite walk without any kind of hassle. However, things were different for 17-year-old Aslan and his dog named Rose.

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Aslan is from the country of Syria, which is being torn apart by war. Left with no choice but to leave the country, Aslan walked for 500 kilometers to reach Greece. It was surely a long and winding journey, but he wasn’t alone. His pet dog, Rose, was with him and although carrying a pet made the journey harder, Aslan simply couldn’t leave his beloved pet behind.



Aslan eventually arrived in the Greek Island of Lesbos, Damascus, and was interviewed by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). He told them that he simply couldn’t leave his dog. In his own words, he said, “I love this dog, I need her.”


According to the UNHCR, Aslan is just one of the many refugees who had to risk a lot by bringing their pets with them, especially since the Middle East is quite far. A spokesperson for the UNHCR said, “When forced to flee home because of war, many people would never dream of leaving their pets behind.”


UNHCR also revealed that over 442,440 people have sailed the Mediterranean Sea all the way to Europe in 2015, as recorded in a recent report. Approximately 2,921 of them have unfortunately perished during the journey.


Aslan took quite a risk, but for him, everything was worth it. The teenager didn’t have it in his heart to leave his pet that he loves so much. The way Aslan endured a tiresome 500 km journey while still trying to protect his pet is enough reason to put our faith in humanity back.

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