Terrified Crane Operator Rescued by a Helicopter After Being Trapped in Fire

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A military chopper successfully rescued a crane operator who was trapped on the crane after a heavy fire broke out below him from a student residence building under construction.

While the firefighters fought to contain the massive fire that started from a four-storey wooden apartment in Princess Street not far from downtown Kingston, the crane operator was becoming worried and carefully made his way to the far edge of the crane where he sit waiting for his rescue.

military chopper rescuing a crane operator

military chopper rescued a crane operator



Stucked forty-three meters from the ground, crane operator Adam Jastrzebski was horrified as the fire slowly consumes the crane. He called 911 and was told a helicopter was en route to save him and after 20 minutes, he heard the sound of the rescue team. They put a harness on his chest and picked him up to the chopper where he was brought to the hospital after.


House burning

During the tense rescue, Captain David Agnew, the aircraft commander, recalled Jastrzebski who was hesitant to let of the crane at first. However, he was eventually picked up and escaped the inferno with only minor injuries.



Watch the video below of the sensational rescue of this brave operator and his hero rescuers:


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