The 9 Things You Should Thank Your Father For …Family Values

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There are many things you can learn from your parents. Your mother teaches you to be a caring, nurturing person, and your father is there to show you how to be a man. The father’s role in the family has changed over generations. There are single fathers, stay-at-home fathers, and breadwinners.

There is no set definition of what a father is now. Whether it is your mother, father, relative, or whoever, someone has influenced you in your life and has played the role as a father figure for you.

Your dad is there to set the rules of your home.

Strict set of rules so that you can turn out to be a better human being in the future




Dads are strict, not because they want you to be miserable, but because they want you to stay out of trouble.

They work hard so that your future is secure

They work hard even though they are tired because they want a good life for their family.

They can teach you a lot about life

Your father has your best interest at heart, so he is ready to dispense as much advice as you need or care to ask for. He’s seen a lot and has experienced a lot, so you know he is wiser than you.

They are a solid, dependable rock for the family

They are the anchor that will keep your family ship safe when going through rough seas. No one else will give you the same guaranteed security your father gives you.



They are there to help you solve your problems

Sometimes it can seem like dad has all the answers.

They can also play a mom’s role in your life

Sometimes Dad has to take over when Mom is out of town, and they are just as capable.

They encourage you to be the best you can be

They are always ready to support you in anything you decide to undertake.


They have the best sense of humor

Dads can be funny and silly.

Dads can sometimes be taken for granted

You can get so used to having your father around that you sometimes take it for granted and think they’ll always be there.



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