The Reason This Dog Rides the Elevator Alone Will Leave You in Tears

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Whether or not a dog heaven is true, one thing is for sure, Nala, the Teacup poodle will definitely go there.

Nala wasn’t trained to become a therapy animal, but she is working wonders for the elderly patients at the Lyngblomsten nursing home in St. Paul, Minnesota. She takes the elevator by herself and goes from room to room to visit her friends and spends quality time with them.

Everything started after the little dog was taken to work by her owner Doug Dawson. In a couple of minutes, the little pooch knew which patients needed her affection the most. Since then, she comes to work with her master. While Doug gives out medicines to patients, Nala shares affection.

In a video, Nala climbed up on the bed of 90-year-old Ruth New and cuddled in beside her. The patient said, “She’s an angel. I love her and she loves me”. Also, Carmen Flaherty shared as the poodle nuzzled in with her, “I just love her. She knows where to come”.

Even after all that the little creature has already done, Dawson said he is constantly amazed by Nala’s care and her ability to go around the nursing home on her own. He asked, “Where did this little being come from? She’s here for a purpose. She really is doing God’s work”.

Obviously, Nala’s presence has touched the lives of the elders living in the nursing home. Aside from being a man’s best friend, she also serves as a proof that love can sometimes be considered the best medicine.



Watch this video of Nala the Teacup poodle sharing some love to patients.



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