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10 Then-and-Now Photos of Grandparents That Will Warm Your Heart

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Photos have a way of bringing back good memories. No matter how convenient technology becomes, an inner sense of nostalgia always brings individuals back to old-fashioned photographs. One thing many people like to do is to put old photos side-by-side with current pictures to see how much they’ve changed.

The then-and-now photos you are about to see are bound to touch your heart. They feature grandparents when they were young compared to what they look now. It is a wonderful collection that will make you want to do the same thing with your grandparents. Prepare to take a heartfelt trip down memory lane below.

10 Touching Then-and-Now Photos of Grandparents

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1. From one date to a lifelong commitment

Happy Grandparents

The photo above shows this adorable couple on their very first date in 1945. Sixty-eight years later, they are still looking more in love than ever!

2. This sweet wedding anniversary kiss

Got Married in 1953

This wonderful couple got married in 1953. To celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, they decided to recreate the passionate kiss they shared on their big day.

3. Years later, he still hasn’t lost his dashing looks


Grandpa’s then-and-now photos prove that he still has that boyish charm in him.

4. Sisters are for sharing laughter, tears, and a lot of adorable memories

 Grandma and Her Sister

Too bad the little bunny is hopping in heaven right now, he could have made quite the appearance in this heartwarming reunion of two sisters.

5. What a difference ten years can make!

Changed in 10 Years

He may have blossomed from an awkward kid to a handsome young man, but one thing is for sure, grandma and grandpa will love him just the same.

6. You don’t find love, love finds you

Their First Met

A Reddit user posted this romantic photo on the site, the caption had this equally romantic story:

“It was Easter Monday. I was on a youth club outing and pops was with his friends, who persuaded him to go to Margate because he was the only one who had passed his driving test. We were on the beach and one of his friends started throwing orange peels at us—and the rest is history!”

7. From wide-eyed lovers to lifelong soulmates

Get Married Young

Sixty years of marriage and these two still look at each other like it’s the first time.

8. Twinning then, twinning now

Grandma and Her Twin Brother

Can you decide if grandma and her twin brother were cuter as toddlers? Or on their 80th birthday? It seems like a tough decision!

9. This wonderful couple who is older at certain places but forever young at heart

Fifty Years of Marriage

You’d think that the fire would burn out after fifty years of marriage. But this cute couple certainly knows how to keep things interesting! They playfully recreate their wedding day pose in this photo.

10. This couple that ages like fine wine

Handsome Couple

They literally embody everything you’ve ever wished and hoped to be in your life.


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