They Were Pronounced Dead …But Then This Miracle Happened

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This story is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

In Colorado, a couple was preparing for the birth of their son when the unthinkable happened. The mother, Tracy, went into cardiac arrest and was declared dead by the doctors. So the medical team had to resort to emergency C-section to save the baby, but they were devastated when they found out that he too was not showing any signs of life. Despaired at the sudden loss of his family, the father, Mike, could only watch as his loved ones lie lifeless on the bed.

But a miracle happened.

Tracy’s pulse came back to life as well as that of the baby’s, an event that can really be considered a miracle.


While Mike was about to face a grim reality without two precious people in his life, he was blessed to have the odds in his favor. The doctors never did find out why Tracey slipped into a cardiac arrest and lost her life. As for the baby the couple named Colton, he still needs to be observed for any long term affects of his temporary loss of life.

We can never put into words how these unexpected circumstances happen, but we are sure nonetheless that the family is grateful for the miracle that was granted to them.

Watch the video below.


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