This Dog’s Journey Through Life Will Bring You to Tears

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Having a dog is like having a friend for life. They do everything just to make us smile when life gets a bit rough. They press their wet noses on us whenever we wander too far from our thoughts. Owning one means that you’ll have a loyal, playful, and sometimes mischievous partner till the end.

But that’s the sad thing. Since these furry pals don’t live as long as humans, there will come a time when you’ll have to bid farewell to the creature that barked all the dark clouds away.

However, they are oblivious to that certain sadness you fear so much. All they know is love, the ball, tasty bacon, endless belly rubs, and more love. The cute illustration below shows how happy-go-lucky dogs are, which will also remind dog owners to focus more on the joyful side of their dogs’ journey since they won’t really live that long. They may leave this world physically, but their memories will stay in our hearts for eternity.

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