This Is the Most Amazing Story of a Dog’s Love For the Girl Who Saved Her


After becoming the victim of a hit-and-run incident, a dog named Shavi walked about 200 miles to find the woman who cared for her.

The stray canine was resting in the streets of Rostov-on-Don in the southwestern region of Russia when she was hit by a car. Eventually, the driver fled the scene, leaving her to die at the side with two broken legs and some serious injuries.

Fortunately, the frozen and helpless dog was helped by two passersby. They took her to the nearest vet clinic and launched an online campaign to find someone to take care of the canine until she could fully recover.

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Nina Baranovskaya was the only person who responded to the call. As soon as the operation on Shavi’s legs was done, Baranovskaya picked her up and brought her home to help her learn to walk again.

Since then, she made sure she had time to play with her. She even taught her some basic commands. Unfortunately, Shavi suffered psychological trauma from the accident, so her 26-year-old new owner had to comfort her whenever she came across other dogs and strangers.

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Considering her small flat, her job, and her commitments to her young daughters and some other pets, Baranovskaya was no longer able to care for Shavi. So she decided to find her a new home around 185 miles away from her place.

After a few days, the dog reportedly went missing. The new owners of Shavi panicked that they decided to call Baranovskaya right away. Although she was shocked, she still prayed and hoped that the dog would be rescued and be brought back to her friend’s abode.

Two weeks had passed, and Shavi surprisingly turned up in the most unexpected place.


While Baranovskaya was walking home, she felt something touch her leg. She turned around to know what it was and to her surprise, she saw Shavi sitting at her feet. She was exhausted after an almost 200-mile journey.

When she realized the dog had fully recovered and made its way back to her, Baranovskaya couldn’t stop herself from crying. Experts think that it must have taken the dog more than a week to get back to Rostov.

Now the kind lady is looking for a much bigger flat so that she and Shavi can stay together.