Faith in Humanity Restored

Top 15 Pics That Put Your Faith in Humanity Back on Track

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Two young boys worked together to save a dog that fell into a ravine.

For this man’s daughter, he is a hero.

Cats need to be rescued, too.
Hero Dad
And, when a kitty is in need of oxygen, there is always that soft-hearted fireman who will come to its aid.
Hero Dad
These marines sure knew how to make a boy’s day.

Was your heart warmed by the photos above?

Little Boy's Kindness

Check out more of this kind of overwhelming show of love and generosity in the other photos below:
This boy was not intimidated by the riot police’s garb. He was more concerned with how thirsty they might have been, staying under the sun for so long.

Two Men

It is not often that we’d see something like this. 
These two Norwegian guys could have just let this baby lamb drown. But, they didn’t. They risked life and limb just to pull the lamb out from the churning waters and into safety.

Two Men
Two Men

While it was really great for the girl to ask Jack to dance even with his disability, it was even more admirable for Jack to get up from his wheelchair to dance with the girl. This is surely a prom night neither the teachers nor the students will forget.

Get to share in this young girl’s unforgettable prom experience.</h3strong

Surely, the images above will convince even the most hard-hearted cynic that there is still hope for people to become better versions of themselves.

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