Transgender Teen, Beaten and Bullied as a Boy, Transitioning into a Beautiful Female Model

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Seventeen-year-old Brandon Morrison was a victim of bullying. The teenage geek boy was bullied so much at school, beaten up, and harassed by his classmates. The ordeal left him devastated, depressed, and terrified that he never want to go back to school again.

But that was before. She’s now called Brittney Kade. Since her transformation as a woman, the teen became more confident of herself and hopes to become a model and find true love someday.

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“Before becoming Brittney, my life was so miserable, but now I’m feeling positive about the future, and I would love to find someone to spend my life with,” she said. I dream of becoming a model and showing the bullies that they haven’t broken me.”

Brittney said that even at a young age, she was already aware of who she really is.

“I first realized I was born in the wrong body when I was probably three or four years old, when I would play with normal toys that girls would and not normal boy toys,” she explained. “I was suppressing all of my feelings of just wanting to be myself.”

Brittney’s mom, Staci Morrison, 33, noticed his son’s identity change as early as “18 months when a child starts walking.” Staci said, “She wanted to wear my high heels, she wanted to dress and play with the girl toys. I noticed really young.”

As a mom, it was heartbreaking for her to watch her son get bullied and slipped into depression because of her gender.

“Peers were not very nice to me at school,” she said. “They would get physical with me. I’ve been punched in the stomach, I’ve been trampled by other kids at school, I’ve had my hair pulled, and I’ve been pushed and shoved.”

The bullying got to much to handle that Brittney had to drop out of school.

Brittney said, “It was just really hard for me and I was miserable. I wanted to take a step back and find out who I was myself. I was pretty quiet and numb and I didn’t like who I was.”

She was 14 when she told her mom and stepdad that she wanted to be a transgender woman. Fortunately, her parents was very supportive of her decision, and she then started taking hormones.

Staci was amazed by the changes she saw in Brittney, saying, “I’ve seen her grow and lose her insecurities. She stands up for herself, stands up for other people, she’s become compassionate, and she’s self-driven. Her personality has changed completely.”

Brittney added,  “The way I feel about my body today is a whole different change. I am a lot more confident and I think that shows on the outside too.”

But not everyone is happy for Brittney. Sadly, her father does not support her transformation, and they’re not in good terms now. But despite everything that had happened, Brittney said she wouldn’t change anything.

“I’ve cut the toxic people out of my life, and now I’m excited about what the future holds,” she added. “I spent so many years being told how I should behave, how I should look, and what I should like; but since embracing my true self, I’ve never felt more positive and free.”

Britney is now size 6 and a head-turner, but her being a transgender makes it hard for her to find real love.

A boy she had dated for 2 years ended their relationship because the guy’s family found it difficult to accept that she was transgender.

The startling teenager is not yet decided whether she’ll go full re-assignment surgery or not, and she has an inspiring message for people like her: “I believe there is someone out there for everyone and I hope that I can find someone who will just love me as I am. I guess one thing I would like to say to other people who have been in my situation in the past is never give up, you are never alone. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and just keep going through what you’re doing.

“It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aren’t.”

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