Unbelievable $100 Tips Touched Fast Food Workers’ Hearts


Fast food employees are among those workers who get the lowest pay and rarely get tips. Most of the time, they are even overlooked in the society. And because of this, two guys decided to hand out $100 tips to them to see how they would react.

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These guys are from Simple Pickup, an advice-giving YouTube channel. Prior to creating the video, they did a fund-raising project. However, the money was refunded to them by the charity. So, they decided to put the money in good use by giving it away as tips to fast food workers.


The video was filmed in Los Angeles and in it, you can see the various reactions of the employees who were given the tips. At first, every employee was hesitant to accept the money. Somewhere in the middle, there was one who cried, while another one laughed.


There was also a girl, working on a graveyard shift, who started crying and asked a hug from the guy giving the money. A few seconds after the guy left, she turned and approached a homeless man sitting at one corner of the restaurant. She gave some of the dollars she received, knowing how much of an impact it would cause to the man’s life.

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Other than the generosity shown by the guys, what makes this video so great is the genuine reactions of the hard-working employees they shared the money with. The expressions of shock, gratefulness, and awe are definitely real that you could really see how such random acts of kindness have such a great effect on their lives.

In an interview with Business Insider, one of the guys in the video, Jesse Jhai, said, “I worked the graveyard shift at 7-11 for minimum wage for years and I’ve always wanted to highlight the working conditions – and personalities – of people working in similar jobs”.

He also added, “We handed out more than $1,000 total, and surprisingly, we actually got more tips refused than were accepted during all of our excursions. For many fast food chains, it’s against policy to accept tips and many of the workers were actually scared to take the money for fear of getting in trouble – misaligned incentives, if you ask me”.

The duo promised in the video to give away $100 for every 100,000 views their video gets. Since the video was uploaded on July 2, 2014, it already got more than seven million views.

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