This Video Shows 8 Times ‘People Being Awesome’ by Helping Animals

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A movie can be awesome. A snake can take a whole chicken in in one gulp, and that’s awesome too. Flowers can make us smile, and that’s quite awesome as well. But do you know what’s the most awesome creature on earth—humans, and this video has a couple of reasons to make you believe that.

The video created by Animals Australia, an organization that works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in the society.

It is a collection of clips that show people taking time to help animals and other people. From pulling out a bird that got stuck in a manhole to letting a train of ducks cross the street, these people will surely make you smile from the first few seconds till the end of the three-minute compilation.

This guy dug in to get a bird out. Three people are helping him to go down a bit more to save the bird.



The next few parts show ducks in the middle of very busy streets and trying to cross, and to help them, an officer and some random people stopped the rush-hour traffic so they can get to the other side safely.



The next one will surely make you smile. A guy saw a family of ducks trying to jump off a building, and he caught each one and got them down safely. He even helped them cross the street too.


A pair also dug down and saved a baby duck from drowning, using a pail, with its mother walking worriedly behind them.


A group of men also took time to bring some baby ducks back to the lake and back to their mothers’ side.


This just shows that behind the mess we face now because of civilian conflicts, some are ready to prove that it’s not too late to make this world a better place. And that after all, animals are still man’s best friends.

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