This Video Will Give You More Reasons to Believe in Humanity Again

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Many philosophers believe that man is born evil, but Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau prays to go otherwise and said that man is naturally good, and it’s civilization that turned him to a beast.

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True enough. The circumstances, the events in our life, and the disasters that envelope our planet can change us, our beliefs, and our attitude. But still, given the right moment, man is still what they are, and Rousseau must be right—there is kindness hidden in all of us. If you need proof, the video below will show you.

Packed with clips that show people’s natural kindness, this video, which is viewed by thousands of people, shows that for some people, helping is a normal thing.

From animals to humans, these people set no standards on whom to help. They do not care whether they have to stop in the middle of a heavy traffic or get out of their car in a snowy day. If they see someone in need, they lend a hand.



Some help old people cross the street, and some help animals do the same. Another picks up the things someone dropped, and others help stuck drivers push their cars.



These are just very simple acts of kindness, but they sure show, in so many ways, that perhaps, Michael Jackson was not wrong at all when he said in his song “Heal the World” that there is a certain place in our hearts—and he knows it is love.

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