Viral Video of a Dog Who Survived After Its Leash Was Stuck in Elevator

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When something so simple goes horribly wrong, Tamara Seibert will always fight to make it right.

In one of the most traumatic experiences in her life, college student Tamara Seibert from Toronto, Canada was taking the lift from the eleventh floor to the ground floor of her building when one of the leashes of her dog, Vado, was caught in the elevator.

Tamara Seibert and a dog in the elevator

Tamara Seibert saving her dog in the elevator



She panicked after her dog was lifted and choked. She pressed the emergency button, however the button failed and sent only an alarm. Seibert hastily went back to her Rottweiler and freed him from his metal collar and on the process, she bruised her hands and broke two fingers.

Tamara Seibert and her dog

The incident was caught by a surveillance camera. Seibert asked a copy of the video and posted to Facebook so that other pet owner will likely learn a lesson from this event and think about health and safety of the pets.



Here is the nerve-racking video of how Tamara struggled to free her dog from choking in the elevator:

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