Wife Sees Blue Balloons at Gender Reveal, Then Husband Unzips Hoodie to Reveal a Very Special Message


In a very beautiful family moment caught on cam, this wife sees blue balloons at gender reveal. Yes, it’s a boy! Moments later, her husband reveals a special message that warms the heart of their family and friends.

Wife Sees Blue Balloons at Gender Reveal, Then Husband Reveals Another Big Surprise

Married for almost two years, Brittany and Timothy couldn’t explain their happiness when they found out they were having a baby. Knowing that gender reveal has become a trend nowadays, the couple wanted to jump on the bandwagon, so they kept the child’s gender a secret from everyone until halfway through the pregnancy. They decided to hold a gender reveal, but little did their family and friends know, there’s one other thing that will greet them at the party, something none of them expected.

Relatives and acquaintances of the parents-to-be gathered to know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. The guests had their own guesses—until Brittany and Timothy opened a box, and a collection of blue balloons burst into the air. They were having a boy!

But the party didn’t end at that. The guests were in for another surprise.

Timothy then expressed his gratitude toward everyone who showed up to share such precious moment with them, saying, “Thank you for coming from so far away.”

Then he added, “And I think this is probably the best way to say it.”

The soon-to-be-father then unzipped his hoodie, revealing a shirt with a special message printed on it.

In the video below, you can see the priceless reaction of everyone in the house. You wouldn’t want to miss such a precious sight!

Watch the video below