Window Washers Dressed as Superheroes Delight Children in the Hospital

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Although window washing seems to be a very difficult job, these guys working for Allegheny Window Cleaning decided to take their job to a much higher level by thinking of creative ways not only to complete their jobs, but at the same time, make other people happy.

One day, while doing their window cleaning routine in a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they decided to dress like the world’s most famous superheroes, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, and Superman. They all aim to put a smile on the faces of the children battling with various illnesses.

Window washers dressed as superheroes

In order to fulfill their mission, these experienced washers made sure they wore safety harness around their costumes, before they unfurled their rope to the 12th floor of the hospital. The children watched in amazement while they performed their cleaning task.

Edward Matuizek, the president of the company, said, “All the guys had tears of joy in their tears behind the costumes – it was very touching and overwhelming how excited the children were”.

Obviously, they were very successful in their tasks. Not only did they manage to clean the window properly, but they also succeeded in their mission of making the children in the hospital feel a lot better.

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