Woman Adopts 4 Kids to Fulfill Her Promise to Best Friend Who Died of Cancer

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Cancer has ruined many lives and caused lots of families to suffer. One of those who unfortunately experienced the cruelty of the illness was Elizabeth Diamond. Although it eventually resulted in her death, in Diamond’s case, cancer was one way to prove what true friendship was all about.

When Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer last August 2014, she was worried what would happen next. She was scared about what awaits her family because she was a single mother. Upon knowing about her best friend’s condition, Laura Ruffino visited her and promised to adopt all her daughters if anything bad happened.

In April 2015, Elizabeth lost her battle against the disease. Thankfully, she has a friend like Laura who stays true to her word and fulfills her promise.

Laura already has a family of four, with her husband and two daughters. Now they doubled in size after she took all of Diamond’s children.

To help them out, the local community of Orchard Park, New York, came together to help. They started a campaign called YouCaring to provide assistance for the family that is adjusting. Since it was launched, the campaign has already raised over $80,000.

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Laura remembered the day she made a vow to Elizabeth. “She said if anything ever happens to me, I want you to take my girls, and I instantly said okay,” she narrated.

“As she started to weaken, you can imagine the fears that I had for the girls and being without her,” she continued.

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