Woman Discovers Grandma’s Baby-Bootie Pin… When She Reads What’s Engraved on Them, She’s Left Confused

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In a fateful turn of events, this woman finds a grandma’s baby-bootie pin, without knowing that such discovery would lead to a very heartwarming reunion.

Names Engraved on Grandma’s Baby-Bootie Pin Leave This Woman Confused

Losing something so important always comes as a saddening event, and 103-year-old Kathryn Burrows‘s experience is no different. This woman lost a silver baby-bootie pin around twenty-five years ago. It was devastating as it was something she treasured dearly. But things changed when she met goodhearted stranger.

Surprisingly enough, a woman named Evelyn Fitzsimmons found Burrows’s pin from decades ago. In a recent video uploaded on the video-sharing site YouTube, she shared, “I probably found it in the parking lot maybe. On the floor? I don’t exactly remember.”

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Baby Bootie-Pin

After a house fire, Evelyn’s daughter-in-law Stacey was rummaging through her mom’s keepsake to check on something. That’s when Stacey found the grandma’s baby-bootie pin mixed with Evelyn’s things.

Stacey noticed that the pin had four names engraved on them, so she believed that Evelyn probably had grandchildren and those were their names. But when Stacey brought up the pin in a conversation with Evelyn, she found out that it wasn’t her mother-in-law’s and that the names weren’t the names of her grandkids. Left confused by the discovery, Stacey decided to make a social media post about it.

The post reached Kathryn Burrows’s daughter, Cindy Montgomery, who helped set up a meeting with the Fitzsimmons so Evelyn could meet the original owner of the baby-bootie pin.

The baby-bootie pin was eventually returned to the woman it truly belonged to, which not only made the now-103-year-old Kathryn happy but also created a friendship between her and the pin’s founder, Evelyn.

Learn more about this very special moment by watching the clip below.

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