Woman Donates Kidney to a Total Stranger

California Woman Donates Kidney to Stranger After Finding His Craigslist Ad


A 30-year-old woman from California has been hailed a hero after she donated one of her kidneys to save a man she never even met.

Woman Donates Kidney to Stranger on Craigslist

While many want to travel around the world as their goal for the new year, Jessica Morris, a 30-year dental technician from Orange County, California, made a more meaningful resolution—to save a life.

A two-hour drive away, in San Francisco, lived David Nachere, also 30, a freelance writer. Unlike Jessica, David had a rather unusual wish: to be able to live a normal life. Although still so young, Nachere has gone too close to giving up due to an autoimmune disease that puts him on dialysis every day.

But being the brave man that he is, David decided to give life another shot and started posting ads on Craiglist for a kidney donor. It was a one-to-million shot, but everything paid off for the young man, as Jessica at the time was also looking for a way to realize her save-a-life dream.

As soon as she saw the ad, Jessica immediately contacted David. The latter never really expected someone to respond to him. According to Jessica, David was skeptical about the whole thing when she first talked to him. She said, “He was skeptical and hopeful, but you can tell he was refusing to get too excited about it.”

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Considering the struggles David had to battle through, his skepticism is understandable. His first kidney failed when he was just a newborn. Throughout his life, he had to endure twenty-seven operations. Before his second kidney failed, David was diagnosed with Crohn’s isease, a condition characterized by an inflammation in the digestive tract, causing abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, and malnutrition. Life was never really generous toward David, so when he got contacted by a total stranger about a kidney donation, he had to keep himself from getting too thrilled.

Jessica wasn’t exactly the first one to reach out to David. A lot of others did, but some wanted thousands of dollars in exchange, others reside outside the country and were asking for immigration assistance.

After it was found out that Jessica was a surprise match, they then asked to schedule the operation. The preparation for the kidney transplant lasted two months.

“He’ll probably be my friend for life. He has a piece of me for life, a literal piece of me, so he has no choice,” Jessica jokingly said in an interview.

David, now recovering, is extremely grateful for Jessica’s kindness, “She gave me a purpose to live, she gave me hope,” he said. “Even if she did not turn out to be healthy enough or couldn’t donate, she gave me something I have.”

Jessica’s kindness inspired David to launch the website Find A Kidney Donor, which aims to help people with troubles finding a kidney connect with the angel wrapped in a strangers’ clothing that could save and change their lives forever.

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