Woman Hears the Heartbeat of Her Dead Son in the Body of 4-Year-Old Survivor


No moment can be more emotional than a mother hearing her son’s heart beat again after a long time.

A mom bursts into tears after she hears her son’s heartbeat for the first time in almost three years. However, it’s inside the chest of a young girl aged four.

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When seven-month-old Lukas died in 2013, his mother, Heather Clark, decided to donate his organs. Heather’s decision eventually saved the lives of three children, and one of them was Jordan Drake.


Heather then contacted contacted Jordan’s family late last year so that she could meet the young girl who now holds the heart of her son. Heather was given the chance to meet Jordan at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona. Esther Gonzales, Jordan’s mother, was speechless when she met the grieving mom.


Heather was praised by Donate Life Arizona, which made the meeting possible, for her selfless decision to donate her son’s vital organs despite going through a great loss. The cause of Lukas’s death was life-threatening injuries, supposedly made by his babysitter named Ryan Anthony Garcia.


The case is still under trial to this day, and Heather is still mourning over the tragic event, getting a chance to meet the young girl who was saved by her son made her happy. Hearing her son’s heart beat inside another precious being was an amazing moment for her. She shed both tears of joy and tears of longing for her little angel who is now in heaven.

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