Woman Weighing 25st Who Was Bullied for Her Body Finds Love in 11st Man

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A lot of people often discriminate those who don’t fit their standard of beauty, making them feel bad about themselves. This is exactly what happened to the curvaceous 30-year-old Natalie Werrett from Norfolk. But despite what people say, this woman is bound to have her own happy ending?

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Natalie was bullied at school for being “too big” that the standard school uniform wouldn’t even fit her. Her former boyfriend, family, and friends would often tell her to trim down. This made her self-esteem drop to rock bottom and made her uncomfortable with her own body.


But then Liam, 29, came to her life. Little did she know that this man would later become her husband. Because of him, she learned to love herself and every part of her body.


Natalie and Liam met each other nine years ago. They met at the Royal Air Force base, where Natalie worked at the nursery while Liam worked as a groundskeeper. It was love at first sight for Liam after he saw Natalie’s bodacious figure.


It was Liam’s love for Natalie that brought back her confidence and, ultimately, her happiness. They are now married and they have their seven-year-old daughter, Megan, to complete their family.


The couple is now busy taking modelling shots. Natalie is the model while Liam acts as the photographer. The daring photo shoots are done at the convenience of their own home. Liam and Natalie do it, hoping the shots will inspire other super-sized big beautiful women (SSBBW) to be happy with the body they have.

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