Woman With Multiple Sclerosis

Woman with Multiple Sclerosis Has Surprise of Her Life After Experiencing Painful Contractions


Multiple sclerosis or MS is a disabling disease wherein the central nervous system disrupts the connection between the brain and the body. The severity and symptoms can vary per person, and oftentimes, they go undetected when at an early stage. Patients with MS are typically diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with women being more at risk than men. The central cause of MS, however, remains a mystery, but it is known to be highly concentrated to those living farther from the equator.

Claire Evans of the United Kingdom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was just 19 years old. Like many MS patients, she has suffered from symptoms such as numbness, swelling, and paralysis. But despite going through years of suffering, Claire was about to experience something even more extraordinary.

Woman with Multiple Sclerosis Receives Shock of Her Life When She Delivers Baby in Bathroom

As soon as Claire was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2000, she was put on medications to help with her vision problems and weakness. MS has no known cure, but drug therapy is typically prescribed to speed up recovery from attacks.

Five months later, Claire cautiously returned to her everyday life. She lived each day in fear that an attack could happen. But instead of even more fear, life delivered her a new reason to live each day in happiness: her co-worker named Paul.

Paul and Claire hit it off immediately. They went on dates and eventually fell in love, and after four years of dating, the couple welcomed a baby boy. To top off her bliss, Claire’s MS went into remission.

But in March 2005, she had a relapse that ended up paralyzing the right side of her body. Doctors prescribed steroids, which caused Claire to gain 7 to 10 pounds. But throughout this period, her menstrual cycle remained normal, which is probably why what happened next was so shocking!

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One evening, Claire woke up to severe cramps and bleeding. She rushed over to the bathroom and fell to her knees from the pain. She screamed at Paul that she felt like she was in labor, especially since she has experienced this particular sensation before. The couple was then stunned when a baby popped out since they absolutely had no idea that Claire was pregnant. But the surprise wouldn’t end there, a few minutes later, Claire delivered yet another baby!

Paul quickly called the paramedics to get his wife and baby the medical attention they needed. According to the reports, the couple was thrilled to have a surprise set of twins and that they are doing perfectly fine.

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