15 Things Every Woman Must Keep in Her Purse


If a woman’s purse get’s lost, she would really be devastated. The reason for this is that she carries her entire world in here. In fact, when cleaning it up, it is unbelievable how much stuff can be dug out here – ATM receipts, utility bills, lip balms, and even safety pins. But, are these all necessary?

Regardless if you are a carefree teenager or a working woman, there are some essentials that you just ought to have in your purse. These are:

1. Cash

Cash always comes in handy when your card gets lost or stolen. Just in case, you can bring with you at least $20.

2. Safety Pins

Wardrobe malfunctions may be avoided with safety pins. So, make it a habit to carry these stuff with you wherever you go.

3. Hand Sanitizer

When using a public restroom, a bottle of hand sanitizer can be a life saver.

4. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

Bobby pins and hair ties will get you through a bad hair day.

5. Mini Phone Book

In case your phone dies, it is always a good idea to keep a few important phone numbers. Write them down in a tiny notebook.



6. Tweezers

A handy pair of tweezers can tame any stray eyebrow hair, so be sure to tuck it into your purse.

7. Phone Charger

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your phone run out of battery in the middle of the day. While you are out and about, a phone charger will really be of great help.

8. Feminine Care Products

No woman wants to run out of feminine care products, when she needs it the most. Preparing some tampons or pads can surely help you through the crisis.

9. Disposable Flossers

By having several disposable flossers in your purse, you can save yourself from annoying popcorn kernels.

10. Breath Mints


Sometimes, coffee is the only thing that keeps you sane. But, don’t let it ruin your day. If possible, take some breath mints or gum so that you can smile and breath with confidence.



11. Pen

Any student or working girl definitely needs a pen in her purse. This shouldn’t be questioned.

12. Compact Mirror

With a compact mirror, you can always check for food stuck in your teeth or flyaway hairs.

13. Granola Bar

In case you get hungry, a granola bar can be a life saver.

14. Pill Box

Always keep a tiny pill box in your purse to combat pain and allergies. You never know when a headache may strike.



If being prepared is your mantra, you must know that your purse can help you live your life. So, keep these essentials with you at all times and gear up for anything that life throws in your way.

Here are videos containing some other important things every woman should know:



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