7 Things Every Woman Who Wants Sexier Nights Should Know


A woman like you deserves a satisfying sex life, so we prepared a list of all the things you should know whenever you engage with your man.

Many couples have pushed their way toward a hot night with a classic candle-lit hallway and a petalous bed just to have a wonderful sex. But there are more ways to make your night more erotic than a glass of wine and a bed of roses.

No matter how romantic your venue looks like, it will always boil down to how you use your body to make your guy happy. Learn these to-knows by heart and don’t forget to apply them one by one.

If he wants to hook up, it means he loves your body

Don’t be hard on yourself. Stop making issues about your looks or your legs. You’re just hurting your sex life if you refuse to believe your partner when he says you have a sexy body. You will only be delaying or, worse, losing the love he’s lavishing on you  when you let your issues overpower your senses. Let your man devour you provocatively, if you really want to ace a sexy night.

You already have him turned on, you don’t need tricks

Men are not as complicated as ladies—and never will be. So if you want to level up your night, it is just simple, as long as you know where to touch him.

Well, they’re even more enticed when they’re surprised. You can invent your own sexy stunts with whatever you think will turn him on. It’s for you to find out.



There are other parts of his body that deserve your attention

Once you and your partner are on a state of giving in, there’s no other way but to just go with it. Hence, it is essential to know his other erogenous spots other than the main one. Guys usually think that there’s only one way to get them on until a woman leads them to a new “discovery.”

So like a scientist looking up for a new species of love factor, go for a part of his body where he likes to be kissed. It can be his neck or his earlobe.

In the end, know what’s important

While it’s advisable to look for other erogenous spots, keep in mind that his “center” is still the most important one. When you’re on it, take his facial expression as the basis if he’s liking what you’re doing or not.

Relax—it’s all that it takes to have great oral sex

“Despite the name, it should never feel like a job,”—this is what the coauthor of the book Going Down: The Instinct Guide to Oral Sex, Ben Rogers, has to say about oral sex.

Don’t think of it as a task that has rules you have to follow. Take control of it. Try different moves. In the long run, you will get more familiar with what your guy really wants.

Men who love sex have said that if a woman is willing to try new ways when it comes to bed, they will be more pleased.



Know your G-spot

Just like men, women have their erogenous spots too. There’s what is called the G-spot, located in the woman’s genitalia although isn’t directly visible from the outside. You can trace it yourself, but one key to having a sexy night is letting your partner do it.

Reaching orgasm requires teamwork

Your G-spot and your clitoris are the two main doors to reaching orgasm, but your clit doesn’t get enough attention or friction during sex because of its awkward position. It is advisable that you experiment and familiarize your own body through masturbation.

The Big-O often comes out during sex too. But when you’re on bed with your man, you just can’t let him do the work all by himself. Help him by touching yourself.



There are a few tricks that couples think will help them rock the night the sexiest way, but not everything works that easily. Here are a few things you should not dare give a thought the next time you plan to sleep with your man.

Making love in the tub

Sex in the water is quite a bad idea for the both of you. Aside from the fact that water washes away the natural lube during your state of pleasure, it might lead to infection once water gets into your uterus.

Exotic aphrodisiac pleasures

Having sex in the wild or in the car might not be a good idea either. Reason? Simple: you might end up sharing a room with bugs and dirt, which, obviously, are not good roommates.

The walling

Lifting you up on a wall with his hands on your rear can bring you bruises and bumps when you attempt to line up your body parts. Worse, he might burn up his arms and back before your hot session is done.

Unusual sexual surprises

Guys just get paranoid with girls who get kinky unexpectedly. According to Van Meter, author of Sizzling Sex in 30 Days, “For some guys, it creates this paranoia, like ‘What was she into before she met me?'”


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