Artist Creates an Epic Performance Art About Feminism with Instagram as Her Stage


Instagram seems to be the latest platform for people to get their early shot of fame, especially since all you need to do is post a photo. There is no hassle of having to post something smart or the need to think of something funny to say. Sometimes, all you need to do is put your lips together, grab an iPhone, and click away.

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Amalia Ulman seemed to have gotten the note, so she devised a plan to stage one of the most intricate spoofs of the LA lifestyle. In a photo series, she poses in the life of an “Insta-famous” celebrity, living a life most common folk would envy.

The first photo she uploaded was the phrase Part I written in bold black ink with a rather mysterious caption “Excellences & Perfections.” Little did her loyal followers know was that it was the start of a meticulously thought plan to depict the life of an It girl.

The photos that followed were that of her platinum blonde hair, bunnies, shopping sprees, and pole dancing classes.

Ulman quickly received received criticism for her photos. “People started hating me. Some gallery I was showing with freaked out and was like, ‘You have to stop doing this, because people don’t take you seriously anymore.’ Suddenly I was this dumb bitch because I was showing my ass in pictures,” she told The Telegraph.

Five months into the social experiment, she posted a photo captioned “The End.” Everything was revealed to be fake and just a part of what she calls “performance art.” All those photos, from the endless selfies down to the boob job, were fake.

Ulman was inspired by her work as an escort in London, where she also gained her degree in fine arts at Central Saint Martins. She said that her escort friends helped mold the story she was trying to tell.

The story is actually worthy of a novel. A heartbroken girl making the big move to Los Angeles selling herself out to get money. Her gallery works as some sort of satire, poking fun on Hollywood celebrities, which the modern age seems to have become slaves of, much like the Kardashians who capitalize on their influence in social media.

Ulman sheds light to feminism in the modern age.  “I wanted to prove that femininity is a construction and not something biological or inherent to any woman. Women understood the performance much faster than men. They were like, ‘We get it—and it’s very funny.’ The joke was admitting how much work goes into being a woman and how being a woman is not a natural thing. It’s something you learn,” she explained.

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