Confessions of a Single Woman …The Secrets of their Hookups


If you thought that women couldn’t play with fire like men, then you’re going to be shocked over this one.

This confession will break your stereotype on women.

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“My friend and I were at a club one night, and we both spotted a beautiful guy. We’re supercompetitive, so before I had a chance to approach him, she rushed over without me and struck up a conversation. When I saw her leave to use the bathroom, I figured I’d move in for the kill. I introduced myself to him and asked,. . .

. . . ‘So that girl you were just talking to . . . do you know her well?’ He said no, so I lied and told him we were roommates in college and that she brought back a different guy every night. I then mentioned that there was a good possibility she had a sexually transmitted disease. He fell for every word, and when she came back, he claimed he had to meet someone at the front door and left. Before the night was over, I ditched my bud and tracked down the hottie. I gave him my number, and we hooked up a few days later.” —Mandy, 22

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