Top 10 Things That Men Find Extremely Sexy in Women’s Fashion


It is definitely safe to say men fall with their eyes and women with their ears. Having said that, you should know by now that fashion play a very important factor in winning your man. But, it’s not just about physical capability, it’s about working your body to your advantage and doing things in style.

You don’t have to necessarily wear designer clothes and bring the latest fashion trends because men don’t care about price tags, they care how you generally look like and how you carry your accessories and make up. If you want to know more, stick around as we give you the top ten looks that your man will truly find sexy and attractive.

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1. Curves

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

A shift dress can be the most comfortable dress in the planet, but when you are on a date with your man, ditch those kinds of frocks and try showing off a little curve. On casual days, wear tank tops and fitted shirts or when your dress does not accentuate your waist, put on a wide belt to do the job for you.

2. High Heels

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Don’t worry over-towering your man with your heels, they love it. They love to see your long legs. But, be careful when choosing high heeled shoes, wear only those that are comfortable because no man would love to see you struggling to walk with your lofty heels. Don’t invest in fancy designs and prints as well, they love simple and plain ones.

3. Sexy Men’s Shirt

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Men’s shirt can be very seductive to your man when worn appropriately. Avoid tacky shirts, avoid hiding your neckline and make sure your curves are still visible.

4. Comfortable Outfits

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Don’t please them with your up-to-date wardrobe when you can’t nail the look. Keep your style classy and elegant and do not take fashion risks unless it complements you.

5. Off -Shoulder Look

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

A little skin on your shoulders is definitely one of the sexiest things you can show off while on a date. It gives your man a message that you are confident and it looks a little playful, too.

6. Long Legs

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Need some advise on some ways to make your legs a little longer? Wear short, but not too-short skirts, shorts and dresses. For jeans, wear the skinny ones. Combine them with high heels or a pair of sneakers with a simple tank top and you would totally look gorgeous to them.

7. LBD

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Why do you think the little black dress is a staple wardrobe for every woman? Aside from the fact that it’s simple and classy, it also has the force to melt your guy’s heart.

8. Light Makeup

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Just because most men love to see your natural look, this doesn’t mean that you should not wear any make up at all. A light and simple makeup would be the best way to become natural. Make it fresh and avoid heavy eyeliners.

9. Kissable Lips

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

You can apply a bright red lipstick or you can opt to paint your lips with a more natural color lipstick, which is just one tone lighter or darker than your real lip color. Guys want soft and kissable lips, so always take care of your pouts and give them the attention they need.

10. Natural Hair

Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

Most men love long hair because it’s more feminine. They mostly love beach waves and natural hair color. If your condition allows, wear your crowning glory proud and always take care of them.

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