Girl Meets Guys Online and Makes Them Pay for Fancy World Travel Without Sex


We all dream of traveling the world and seeing new places while meeting new people. Along the way, many travelers find someone interesting and may even spark some romance in between. That is the case of Monica Lynn, a 25-year-old woman from Alabama who has traveled to as far as Barbados and even the Philippines. But instead of meeting people while she travels, Lynn is going on actual exotic dates and the itinerary, along with the hotels and plane tickets are all accounted for.

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Lynn has ditched a life as a financial advisor to travel the globe. She came across MissTravel, a dating Web site with a twist. Users can pair themselves off with men who are willing to sponsor a trip for them so they can go on a date around the globe. Lynn, who was hesitant at first, took the chance and later on found herself chatting with interesting guys.

“I came across MissTravel in an article about weird Web sites. I thought, ‘Yes, that sounds weird, but also kind of cool,” she shared.

Not long after, she had hopped on a plane to see the world.

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Lynn knows that trips like the ones she’s taken would have required long years of saving money. Her first match was with a 31-year-old managing director. Prior to her travels, Lynn has never even been outside America, but thanks to Miss Travel, she has now gone to a total of nine countries to date.


MissTravel was the brain child of Brandon Wade. He also did a controversial Web site called SeekingArrangement, which was critically panned because it allowed “sugar daddies” to fund younger women in exchange for company.

Not really going further from his previous venture, MissTravel basically has the same format.

For Lynn, the dating Web site had been an opportunity. She went on the holiday with the man she met online in Barbados last February 2015. The two spent a week together in the Caribbean island without Lynn having to spend a single dime. On top of the all expense-paid trip, the managing director also showered her with jewelry.


Lynn shakes off assumptions made by people that this is some sort of glamorous form of prostitution.

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