This 59-Year-Old Might Just Be the Hottest Grandmother in the World


Yasmina’s big break came when she landed the campaign for Marks and Spencer after she was cast for a Christmas ad.  She has modeled for numerous fashion brands since then.  Many marvel at the silver-haired maven, especially on how she’s not afraid to hide behind her age.

Believe it or not, she is already a grandmother, but still, she possesses a body and spirit that is enough to make her look like someone way younger.  Yasmina credits her natural beauty to eating healthy and doing exercise.  She claims that the body she has now makes her even more confident than when she was around 30 years old.

Yasmina looks like she’s drunk from the fountain of youth. In her photos, she looks carefree and fun, often boasting her sleek figure while enjoying a walk under the sun.  Everyone wants her to dish out her beauty secrets, and she says that it’s actually quite simple: her diet consists of eating an avocado a day and sticking to organic food, something she is proud of practicing before detoxification became the trend.

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