Labor for Two Weeks

Mom Has Been in Labor for Two Weeks, so She Dances to Pop Song to Induce Labor!


Childbirth is a complicated process. One of the most painful experiences that come with it is labor. For most women, labor lasts for about 8–12 hours. But a variety of factors can affect its longevity, resulting in either premature or prolonged labor. For this Florida mom, the entire experience lasted for a whopping 15 days! Read more about her shocking story below.

Woman in Labor for Two Weeks Dances to a Justin Timberlake Song in Bathroom

Kassandra Hanks had been in labor for two weeks after becoming four centimeters dilated. As soon as the second week ended, Hanks had enough of the painful contractions and decided to take matters into her own hands. During a visit to the Sacred Heart Family Birth Place in Sandestin, Florida, she decided that she was going to try to induce labor herself.

So Hanks headed off to the bathroom and began dancing to Justin Timberlake‘s catchy song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” She filmed the whole thing, without knowing it would be the world’s next viral hit.

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Inducing Labor

In the video, Hanks can be seen dancing to the song for more than two minutes. She’s dressed in pajamas and sports bra—the perfect outfit to work up a sweat. But before the song even finishes, the expectant mom arches over her back and her face registers a look of discomfort. Looks like she got what she wanted—another powerful contraction!

Dancing is said to be one of the most common ways to induce labor. In an online forum on, a mom danced to the rap song “Rack City” and managed to get 5 centimeters dilated. As for Hanks, it was reported that she finally gave birth to her daughter Rylee Grace two days after she filmed herself dancing.

Despite being in labor for two weeks, Hanks’s story barely holds a candle to what a Polish woman had to go through. According to Reuters, Joanna Krzystonek was in labor for 75 days! Thankfully, she was able to safely deliver her triplets, a feat that was made possible after doctors advised Krzysztonek to lie in bed with her feet above her head. But maybe she should have tried dancing to a Justin Timberlake song instead.

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