90-Year-Old Mom Talks About the Struggles and Joys of Giving Birth to 4 Sets of Twins


Having faced with the struggles of motherhood during the time when car seat laws and ultrasounds were nonexistent, Vivian Volk had a pretty tough yet amazing time fulfilling her job as a parent, especially that she delivered not just one but four sets of twins.

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Aside from her eight kids from four pregnancies, Volk had one single birth. The 90-year-old mother, who is now a grandmother and great-grandmother and hails from New Jersey, says that taking care of nine small children wasn’t a walk in the park. Every day was a long day for her and she always goes to bed at night totally exhausted. But she doesn’t regret anything as she enjoys doing even the littlest of tasks like packing nine school lunches or washing cloth diapers for her children.

Volk recalls that during her time, everything was simple. Sonogram wasn’t yet invented during her time, so there was no way for her to know that she was having twins. The fact that she wasn’t having a single birth always came as a surprise to her and her husband.


According to Volk, nowadays, people use a lot of items for their babies, such as baby monitors, plastic bottles, and disposable diapers. During her time, she stayed away from plastic bottles because for her, it was bad for her kids.

She used cloth diapers that she washed, sterilized, and hung, and not a single child of hers had a diaper rash. Volk kept her nursery or bedroom quiet and simple, without the whistles and bells that are usually found in nurseries today. She believes that babies sleep best in environments that are simple, sweet, and quiet. Car seats for babies and car seats laws weren’t even available in her days.

But according to Volk, the biggest change has been technology. Her children grew up in a time when they could safely play outside until dark and just ride their bikes everywhere, a time when conversations would happen at the dinner table with the kids and not through some apps. And instead of facing gadgets all day, her kids were involved in intramural sports and were part of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They played a lot of outdoor games and were taught to use a bunch of musical instruments.


Volk also believes rushing to the doctor every time a child shows signs of an illness is not a good idea. At times, some sickness would just go away, like how a mom should let a simple fever just run its course. But she does deem it important to have kids immunized.

Volk shares going on a vacation with your children helps a lot. She often organizes trips with her husband, and they often take their children to Atlantic City during summer breaks.


The brilliant elderly mother is now reminiscing about the times when she had to sterilize 84 baby bottles, do 35 loads of laundry, and prepare 189 meals, those days she got scratches and cuts from doing a lot of work and the countless times she changed her babies’ diapers or washed the dishes left by eleven people.

Although she had to go through a ton of exhausting days, she feels blessed just thinking that she had given birth to nine amazing children. She says that raising nine beautiful and successful kids is a wonderful gift. Volk adds, “If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so blessed.”

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