Sex and Marriage: What Happens When You Follow Our Top 10 Tips


Sex is not something that only a man can initiate. After all, women experience sex as much as a man does. Don’t feel unsure if you should be asking your husband for a romp in the sack because you have just as much right as he does.

One main excuse between married couples is that sex comes in the spur of the moment after a long hard day. Cuddling can be good, but it never really spices things up. So it is about time to let your inner femme fatale out and initiate sex even in the most subtle of all ways.

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According Paul Byerly, author of The Generous Husband, sex is more than just the activity itself.

“For men, sex communicates love and acceptance, while a lack of sex communicates the opposite. I realize this is not usually what women are communicating with sex and saying no, but it is what men feel. Even when you convince a man this is not what she means, he will still feel it.”

We all know that phrase “happy wife, happy life,” but it doesn’t always translate to men providing or mentally knowing what you want all the time. A happy wife can mean that a woman is confident and willing to be intimate in her marriage because she is equal with her husband.

So read these helpful tips to initiate sex and spice up your marriage life.

Try not to overthink it

The desire for intimacy doesn’t need a fixed schedule. You don’t need to note it on your calendar when it should happen next or decide on how loud you want to be when you’re doing it. Nothing good ever comes out from overthinking. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable and shouldn’t be treated as some sort of chore that needs to be checked off a list. So if your desire builds up in the middle of some random situation, then do your best to grasp the moment and lure your husband in.

Voice out what you want

Try not to follow your husband around the house, pretending he can read your mind. The more vocal you are about your requests, the better the night becomes. Why? Your confidence does wonders for the both of you. It saves you two a lot of time and heightens up the atmosphere too. This could be applicable to males who have high sex drives as these types usually have their hopes set up high but are usually unsure as to whether or not you’re up for a night of passion.

No husband wouldn’t want his wife asking him for sex. A man is always as ready as you are.

Don sexy clothing

Tease him with silky pajamas or come out of the bathroom smelling like sweet rose with a towel draped around your body. This will be enough to awaken his senses and draw him into you without even muttering a single word.

Be active

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Sex is an equal experience for both parties. That means, if you show your man you’re just as enthusiastic about it (and mean it too), then it will be more fun and intimate. To get things going for you, play like a teacher and tell him where you want to be touched. He’ll love your aggression, so you don’t need to worry about being too bossy. Once you both get things going and revved up, it’ll become a memorable experience.

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