Sexy Surfer Whose Twerk Video Went Viral Now Goes on Sponsored Luxe Travels


This bleached blond surfer girl has marketed herself online with the help of her fit bikini body and beautiful face. Now she’s an Instagram model with over a million followers and is traveling for free around the world.

Apparently, for 29-year-old Anastasia Ashley, her good looks are just the tip of the iceberg, as the California native is also a pro surfer. She also seems to be a natural when it comes to dancing, since she has no problem twerking in front of the camera, making her a viral hit since her video surfaced last 2013.

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Ashley has had experience since she was just five years old. Nowadays, companies such as Airwalk have gone on to sponsor her.

Among her many titles were the Professional Surfing Tour of America Championship and Pipeline Women’s Pro in Hawaii. Her viral twerk video was captured during the Supergirl Pro Heat in California. She attracted quite the following even if she wasn’t fully aware she was being caught on camera.

Apparently, the video was nothing but her standard routine, and although she did find the video quite awkward, her career had seemingly skyrocketed from there.

Now Ashley has one of the most enviable lives ever. She regularly posts about her life on the go, mostly in sexy bikinis and gorgeous backdrops. Ashley has been right about everywhere, constantly looking for that wave to ride or picture to pose on from Indonesia to Barbados.

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