Social Experiment Shows Man ‘Punching Pregnant Girlfriend in the Stomach’ …See How Internet Reacts


Domestic violence is a real issue that is alarmingly rising up in numbers, so it is not surprising to see many people react negatively to this YouTube video uploaded by Trollstation.

In the video, it shows a man and his pregnant girlfriend engaging in a fight. While some onlookers try to intervene, there is a noticeable chunk of the crowd that don’t try to help.

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What the video tries to highlight is awareness on issues of violence against women in particular, especially when in a public crowd. But despite the clear message that it resonated, the plan seemed to have backfired. People have commented harshly on the video, leaving comments all over Facebook when it was posted on January 8.

One user commented, “He was so lucky no one got to him before he was able to explain who he was. Also what did they gain doing that?” While another user writes,  “I like social experiments normally, but really, don’t get what this one achieves other than a shock factor.”

There are several scenarios played. The first took place in a show where actors Amina Maz and Nathan Brown are in a heated argument. One man seems quick enough to stop the two before it escalates any further.

The second, however, is more violent. Nathan confronts Amina after she is seen merely speaking to a stranger for directions. He then proceeds to punch her in the stomach. It was then that many rush to her aid.

The last part of the video shows Nathan confessing that it was only a social experiment, but it is apparent that people think they have gone too far as the video shows one woman bursting into tears.

Amina, in an interview with FEMAIL, defended the video. She maintains that they weren’t trying to cause any sort of public disturbance, they only wanted to “raise awareness.”

Amina adds that the video also helped open her eyes to how the public handles situations like this. “I was quite shocked that people didn’t intervene until the punch. I couldn’t believe they were seeing an aggressor attacking a pregnant woman and not doing anything about it. They obviously didn’t want to put themselves in harm’s way.”

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