Want to Learn the Secret to Attract That Dream Guy? Follow These Steps!


It’s true that men are visual creatures, meaning they notice a girl for her striking eyes or her body, and that’s pretty normal. But it takes more than just that to get the guy you’ve been eyeing for months now.


While most of us believe that it’s a piece of cake to find the perfect guy, getting his attention can be pretty tricky. Sure, we can dress a certain way, have our hair done to enviable curls, or have lashes that reach light years. But in order to reel him in, you would need more than that.

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Before you opt for any advise that involves black magic or voodoo dolls, you can go check out our list below for some helpful tips when getting that guy:

Forget Cleavage! Opt for Shoulder and Neck-Bearing Tops

Take note: cleavage in a tight mini dress is a sign of desperation. Try a shoulder-bearing outfit that will highlight bare skin without showing too much. Men find the neck area very alluring as it represents femininity. This will give you that confidence and comfort as well during your date or night out. But if you really want to draw attention to the chest area, pair your outfit with a long necklace or a striking pendant.

Be Mindful of How You Handle Your Drinks

Your drink can make or break you, so body language when handling drinks should be done carefully. Greg Hartley, body-language expert and coauthor of I Can Read You Like A Book, give us examples. “Cradling a drink in front of you puts up a subtle barrier, it shows discomfort when you’re fiddling with your straw or a bottle label.”

It’s better to set your drink down instead and try communicating with your hands while talking to a friend. It makes you look animated and more interesting.

Showcase Your Legs

No, just because we advise you to show less cleavage doesn’t give you the excuse to bare your butt for the world to see. But try to keep it subtle and sexy. Opt for heels that will empower you, making you ooze with confidence. You can go for a dress that will show off that wonderful tan, but be mindful that you don’t show too much and end up looking like you left your pants at home.

It’s Not Just About How You Look but Who You’re With

Guys are intimidated by large circles, so you might want to skip on bringing your whole squad when it comes to a night out. “It’s ideal to go out with just one or two other friends,” says relationship expert Krista Bloom.”If you’re with a larger group, pair off for 30-minute intervals to give guys the opportunity to come up to you.”

However, you may want to choose to go out with right people. As the friends you hang out with could be a deal breaker too. When he sees you with whiny girls looking to get attention, then he might back out.


Again, we need to stress out the importance of body language even when you’re with your friends. Try not to huddle close to each other like you’re having an intimate conversation, make sure you leave some open space to show that you’re open to inviting other people in your circle. Also positioning is key, so if you even want to get attention, try staying at the center of the room and avoid the bathroom or the exit.

The Look on Your Face Says It All

Don’t be afraid to look interested. Give him your best flirtatious face if you want to get his attention. “You have to send a pretty strong message that you’d be receptive to the guy if he actually came over to talk to you,” Anna Demarais, PhD, and coauthor of First Impressions advises. Try an eyebrow raise coupled with a sweet but sultry smile. Since it does take a lot of courage for a guy to approach you, at least make the experience of doing so worthwhile.

Know the Fine Line with Looking Foolish

It’s one thing to look like you’re having fun, and it’s another thing to start making a fool of yourself. Don’t be a magnet of unwanted attention because no matter how pretty you are or how you nailed that alluring side eye once you start acting borderline delirious, you’re going to lose your man and end up regretting what you did the day after anyway. Don’t be afraid to apply good manners even if you happen to find yourself in a frat party and remember, first impressions last, so you better start making a good one.


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