The Before-and-After Photos of Herself …See Why These Are In the Reverse Order


You see them everywhere.. .the “Before” and “After” photo. A very old marketing technique in Magazines, Television, and on the internet to inspire you, the consumer, on the latest and greatest product. Weight loss products are the most infamous for this sort of technique and of course, the juxtaposition of photos comparing their old, rather overweight self to their newer, happier, and “healthier” version.

But that wasn’t the case for Megan Jayne, a 22-year-old young woman from Colchester, England. She shares to social media different before-and-after photos and for one important reason: to give out a message to everyone that being stick thin isn’t necessarily healthy.

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At age 14, Jayne was diagnosed with anorexia. She struggled with depression and anxiety, resulting in self-harm. At one point Jane weighed as little as 65 pounds, was hospitalized, and had to receive her meals through a feeding tube.

Jayne wrote on her Web site that it took her two years to get over her anorexia. The post read,

2 years, one institutionalization, one hospitalization, and countless tears from the family members’ hearts I’d broken along the way. I had chased the holy grail of thin with everything I had, traded in every part of me to end up 65 lbs, barely alive, still worried that people would see my stomach fold as I sat in my hospital bed.”

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Jayne is certainly not alone. Statistics in United States revealed that there are about 30 million people who suffer from an eating disorder and almost 50 percent are suffering from depression. These numbers are noted by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

This is why Jayne is using social media to voice out and spread awareness about the disease. She wants everyone to know that the road to recovery may be hard, but it is possible and completely worth it.


Jayne joins many others who spent years hating the body they have and yearning for that perfect model-worthy figure. Now that she has fully recovered, she shares that she is now healthier, happier, and is more open to accepting her flaws.

She has certainly become a figure in the rally for boosting a positive and healthy image of the body she has. She proudly shares her curves and writes encouraging captions, which caught the attention of the whole world.


We’ve all been poisoned by a world that profits from us hating our bodies, and if they had their way, we’d be tied down forever,” she captions in one of her Instagram posts. “But I know that you can break free. Because I did. You just have to believe that you can. You have more strength inside of yourself than you will ever know. You are powerful. Powerful enough to rip off those chains holding you down, and refuse to believe that you aren’t good enough any longer.”


Jayne has become quite the social media star with her body-positive selfies and kickass artwork. You can check them out here.


Jayne also wrote,

So however you feel about your body right now, please believe that it can get better. You can learn to love every part of yourself, without changing a thing. And you deserve that. Take it from someone who never thought they’d find a way out, there is hope, and happiness, and freedom on the other side of self-hatred.”

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