10 Traits Only Awesomely Crazy Women Possess



If you are in a relationship with a woman who’s not afraid to do literally anything, from a simple walk in the park with you to conquering mountain peaks to doing other insane stuff, don’t let her go. It’s because with crazy girls, there won’t be any dull moment in your life again.

If you need more proof, run through the list below.

She’ll never let boredom strike you.


A Netflix-and-chill kind of night with a woman who’s willing to discuss with you the personalities of every character you see is the ideal TV show marathon. With a crazy girl, always expect the unexpected.

She has devotion that is always pandemic.


These girls tend to be passionate about everything, and most of the time, it comes naturally to them. When you start noticing her genuine reaction toward little things, it’s like finding a new secret garden.

She’s willing to always give you support.


Even when your relationship is on the rocks, you can always expect that she’ll have your back. That should be enough for you to wash all your insecurities and worries away.



She has a spontaneity like no other.


Every girl thrives to have spontaneity. If you think you’re not spontaneous enough, don’t worry. Just follow her lead, and you’ll be okay.

Confidence? She’s oozing with it.




Bravery and confidence—that’s what make them sexy. Be sure to brace yourself when she starts speaking. Once she decides to take a stand on something and opens her, you’ll be mind-blown.

She has enough knowledge about what real talk is.


You should not underestimate her ability to make friends. With the way she joyfully leads a conversation, she can make new friends faster than you.

She has the power to make a crazy party even crazier.


Allowing her to organize a party will never be a regret. You can expect it to be crazier than all the events you’ve gone to in your life.

She knows what she wants and when to ask for it.


She knows how to handle things when she’s caught in an uncomfortable and unexpected situation. Like when you’re at a restaurant and she sees that the dish you ordered is uncooked, she knows what to do next.



She gets what she wants.


A woman’s magnetic personality and confidence aren’t there for nothing. Using those two, she makes sure she gets what she wants, and no one can stop her.

She knows how to get crazy in bed.


A woman who’s up for all the crazy stuff despises the idea of a boring life, and same thing goes when she enters a romantic relationship. She’s going to make her every second with you more exciting—and that includes all the time you spend in bed.



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