10 Unusual Pregnancy Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


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6. Feet grow up to a full shoe size


Pregnancy doesn’t just make a woman’s breast and belly grow, as her foot does tend to swell too!  This is because of weight gain and edema or the swelling from the extra fluid your body retains while you’re pregnant. Another factor is the hormone relaxin, which causes the joints around the pelvis and the ligaments on the feet to loosen up as the body prepares for birth.

7. Male fetus can get erections too

Apparently, male erections begin in the uterus. In a scientific study, it has been also proven that both male and female fetuses do tend to get aroused even while in the womb—but only males get caught.

8. Mothers defecate during childbirth

Women who menstruate will understand the feeling, when your uterus contracts during this period, you often feel the need to defecate. In pregnancy, the same logic is applied except it’s less controllable as the muscles used to push the baby out are the same ones a woman uses to finish her business. To prevent any mess, doctors perform an enema before the mother gives birth so she can expel her bowel prior to actual childbirth.

9. Contractions happen after birth

Postpartum cramps are definitely real, as the stressed out models are in need of oxygen due to the extreme blood loss after childbirth. First-time moms only experience mild pain, but they tend to get more severe in successive pregnancies. The good news is, they are totally manageable and only last a maximum of three days.

10. Entire vaginal section may need stitching

Normal vaginal delivery will always need stitching by the end of each birth as tearing does occur. In extreme cases, vaginal tearing can reach the anus and affect other muscles as well. And stitches should be paid attention to so as not to cause an infection. This will be recommended to a mother by her doctor and must be followed up until they heal.

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