Woman Struggling with Obesity Shares Story of How Her Ex Forced Her to Stay Overweight

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People tend to overlook the struggle when it comes to putting on so much weight as it can affect a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. This is the case of Christine Carter from Dallas, Texas. When she tipped the scale at 275 lbs, she knew she needed to make a change and get healthy. But in doing so, her jealous ex boyfriend left her.

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Carter stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She was deemed overweight for her size and had to resort to medication as a result of her unhealthy state. Her drastic weight gain started when she began binge-eating and spending as much $2,000 a month on food. Carter began to feel the stress of her weight gain as her own family began to shun her.

After going under the knife for a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, Carter decided to kick it up a notch since it couldn’t work on its own because even after she had lost 50 lbs, she found herself putting the weight back on. As a result, she hired a personal trainer to help her shed the pounds. It was incredible investment compared to the money she was shelling out for unhealthy food.


As Carter seemed more pleased with herself, her controlling ex boyfriend wasn’t so thrilled with the changes.

“My ex was very controlling, told me what to wear, and I believe he wanted me to be fat so that I wouldn’t leave him. He also didn’t like me having my own friends,” she told the Daily Mail. “Being overweight, I didn’t feel I deserved anything better. I went from a place of being ‘fat and happy’ to just ‘fat.'”

She went on to admit that she was eating out her emotions as a result of her obesity.


Carter’s healthier lifestyle did not just help her reach her ideal size, but it also made her feel more confident about herself.

“As the pounds came off, I slowly but surely uncovered the confident, dedicated, hardworking woman that was there all along, but that was too shy and afraid to be exposed,” she said. She then went on to find more opportunities in life, which didn’t involve her paranoid ex.


Now Carter weighs an ideal 125 lbs. According to US Weekly, she follows a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates.

The most important thing that people can learn from Carter is the fact that anything can be overcome if you place your mind and heart into it. There will always be those who will give you negative thoughts, but choose to remain positive that things will work out for the better and that you will eventually reach your goal.

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