Woman Pretends to Be Helplessly Drunk in Public to Find Out How Men Will React


As a man or a woman, how would you react if you see a pretty woman in a dress, drunk and alone? Would you make advances toward her, roll your eyes in annoyance, or help her?

In a world where rape culture is still a discussion to be had, how would you react to a woman who seems to be “asking for it?”

In a social experiment by rehab clinic Centro Europeo Neurosalus in Madrid, a pretty brunette in a knee-length dress pretended to be drunk to see how men would react.

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The woman pretending to be drunk received unwanted attention from several men


The results were not pretty.

One of her colleagues tried to save her from the predator


Filmed downtown, several men approached the “drunk” woman, but instead of helping her, they tried to take advantage instead. At one point, a man in a white shirt pinned her down against a wall, trying to kiss her. He also tried to make conversation with her, but as seen from the camera, his hands can be spotted on the woman’s hips as he tried to lead her away.

A concerned colleague, who was doing the experiment with her, tried to save her from the predator, but the man didn’t easily give up and even tried to persuade the woman’s colleague that they did know each other, saying that she was a customer.

When the woman’s colleague tried to take her away, the man was hears saying in Spanish, “Hey, why do you take her away. You don’t take her.”

After a while, she was finally pried loose from the predatory man, her colleague was seen whispering into a microphone, “Don’t let anyone touch you.”

During the course of the social experiment, the woman was approached by several men who made sexual and unwanted advances. A group of middle-aged men even asked her where she was from and where her friends were, but when she told them that she lost track of them, they decided it is appropriate to buy her more alcohol than reuniting her with her friends, insisting that she hadn’t drunk enough.

Before the clip was cut, she was seen talking to a man who grabbed her and tried to convince her to sit with him by a staircase and started to lead her away.

What does this video say about rape culture?

This man grabbed the woman and seemingly led her away


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