Heroic Dogs That Risked Their Lives for Their Owners

Heroic Dogs That Risked Their Lives for Their Owners

There is nothing that can touch people’s hearts and bring tears to their eyes faster than a heartwarming story about animals, especially dogs. It’s even better if the story is about a dog who saved their master from impending danger and even death. Dogs are courageous creatures, and the ones on this list are especially so.

Heroic Dogs Who Saved Their Owners

1. Khan the Doberman Pinscher

Khan had just been adopted from a shelter for seven days by a family when he saved the life of their baby, Charlotte, who was then just seventeen months old. A King Brown snake, known to be one of the most venomous in their species, had been just about to bite the baby when Khan pushed her away and ended up getting bitten himself. After being injected with an anti-venom shot, he was lauded by his grateful owners as the “Wonder Dog.”

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2. Kilo the Pit Bull

Kilo literally took a bullet for his owners when their home was invaded by a robber who then shot at his humans. The impact was so hard that the bullet went through his skull and exited his neck. Thankfully, Kilo recovered from the encounter after he was taken to a vet.

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3. Babu the Shih-Tzu

In Japan in 2011, an 83-year-old woman was saved from being one of the thousands of casualties of the tsunami by her 12-year-old furry friend by the name of Babu. The dog insisted on taking her owner, Tami, for a walk. She then led her owner up to a hill, and minutes after, the tsunami struck and Tami’s home was washed away by the rushing waters.

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4. Sako the King Shepherd

Teenager Joseph Phillips-Garcia went on a fishing trip with his aunt and cousin. While on the road, their car slipped and fell down a cliff. There were only two survivors of the accident: Sako and Joseph, whose leg was badly injured. Sako lay by his side all night, kept him warm, helped him get water, and even fought off a pack of coyotes. 

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5. Dopey the Golden Retriever

Dopey one of the heroic dogs is so close to his owner, a young boy by the name of Britton Voss, that he can detect when he is about to have a seizure. Britton, who has a rare type of epilepsy, is known to go into seizures every now and then. Dopey helps him go through the terrible experience by licking his face and cuddling him afterward. He has also been known to retrieve Britton’s medicine for him and even call 911.

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6. Apollo the German Shepherd

Although Apollo’s story has nothing to do with any specific human owner, his story is still worth telling because of how momentous it was: he was the first police dog to respond to the 9/11 tragedy. Together with his handle, Officer Peter Davis, he went into dangerous territory to search for and rescue survivors. Apollo was so into his duty that Officer Davis had to hold him back at certain points. 

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Dogs are generally known to have hearts of gold, and the ones above have especially proven themselves to be pure and courageous creatures. Heroic dogs indeed!

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